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Killer blow techno from the legendary Planetary Assault Systems. Hold tight. 

Rrose - Secret Thirteen Mix 065

I have been an admirer of Rrose releases for some time now. The remix of Lucy’s ‘Waterfall’ a prime example of the dark acidic tones he can create. Lately I have been pretty addicted to dark, skin crawling, nerve jangling techno and drone. It’s popularity looks to be on the rise as searching for ‘dark’ on soundcloud may prove. The music is meant to be creepy, threatening, sinister. Some artists are able to deliver these feeling and emotions perfectly. Yes, it is the darker side of music but, ironically, it is music that is completely uplifting and inspiring. I’ve heard some amazing mixes with this kind of sound. The Haxan Cloak’s FACT mix from last year is suitably disturbing. He even throws in a death metal track. However Rrose has created a masterpiece with his mix for Secret Thirteen. Tracks from 1965 to 2013 are combined to create a beautiful, yet disturbed musical structure. You can visualise the structure growing through a dark, hazy light. Frozen in this place you stand immersed in sound, nothing else exists. It expands and changes but your attention does not. It is a landscape of complex emotions were the laws of physics and the materialistic do not exist. Enjoy your stay.